1. Is higher medical education needed to go through acupuncture course of training?

    Our training courses are designed not only for those who have higher medical education, but also for the people who wish to be trained (these people are supplied by the required anatomical atlases and corresponding medical materials).  It goes without saying that only doctors having higher medical education will be able to use acupuncture in their work.

    As for the rest, they will be able to use it for self treatment and possibly treatment of their friends, relatives and acquaintance. At the same time if there is a big wish, methods of acupuncture treatment could be used in an official way.

                                      2. What language is used for the training?

           The courses are conducted in English, Russian and Uzbek.

                                 3. What are the enrolment requirements?

      Students coming from other countries are enrolled all the year round, at any time convenient for the students. They get individual tuition.

      First of all the student should get in touch with the teacher (see contacts) to coordinate the terms of arrival for the training.

      When all the issues are agreed upon, we include the student into the schedule of our classes (it takes place after the student e.g. acquires the flight tickets to come to the training site). The student should inform us on the flight number, date and local time of arrival so that we  are able to meet the person at the airport or at the railway station. It is desirable to get the date of arrival not less than a week or two weeks before arrival. In this case we’ll have enough time to make a program, put together  the teaching materials etc.                       

                           4. What documents are required to enter Uzbekistan?

    Citizens of CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan and others) do not need an entry visa. As for the citizens of other countries the entrance visa is obligatory. One can also come to Uzbekistan using 16-17 days tourist visa.

                                         5. Is temporary registration required?

     To avoid the administrative fine all  the foreigners who enter this country need to legalize temporary registration within three days after arrival. Hotels do the registration automatically. Due to this fact, we advise the students coming from other countries to stay at the hotels.

                                                      6. Accommodation issues.   

     Hotels of Tashkent website adduces the page having information on some of the hotels of this city. There are inexpensive and quite comfortable hotels situated not far from the place of  training. Student can book a hotel on his own choice using the available contact information. We meet our students at the airport or the railway station and render needed assistance for checking in at the hotel.

                                    7. What currency is better to have on you?

     The best currency to have is US dollars or Euros. They are easily converted into local money – sum (uzs). We shall help you to convert the currency on the most profitable exchange rate.

       8. How much is the acupuncture training course tuition fee? What does it include?

    The cost of the training course is $1200. It includes meeting at the airport or at the railway station, trip to the place of accommodation, the training course itself, learner’s guides, required digitalized materials, suite of tools and legalization of the certificate.

  9. What are the approximate prices for food, transportation, trips to other places of Uzbekistan?

     Expenses for food and additional trips can cost $ 4-8 per day. It should be taken into account that most of the hotels include breakfast into the cost of accommodation.

    A one day trip to the mountain resorts will cost $ 40-60 . Historical city of Samarkand will cost $ 80, Bukhara – a little more expensive. A trip to Samarkand will require one day, a trip to Bukhara -  minimum 2 days.

    A trip in public transport will cost about $ 0,3.   

                               10. Are there benefits for the trainees?

   Yes, there are. Students can go through free diagnostics and one course of acupuncture treatment with discount?

  We also offer beneficial tours of Tashkent and trips to mountain resorts of Uzbekistan.

   11. How much time is needed to have a course of training on acupuncture?

    A course of training lasts a week and a half or two weeks. In the course of  training students are guaranteed to learn the use of theoretical and practical application of acupuncture leaning on the methods of optimization of teaching and available know how worked out by   SE “TIBET” which are reflected at the corresponding units of the web site.

12. What kind of certificate is grunted to the students after the completion of the course? In what language is it issued?

   After the successful completion of the course of studies and passing the test, we award a certificate in the English language which is valid in many countries of the world. The same certificate can be given in Russian on the wish of students.

                    13. How many hours a day do the students study?

   If a student comes for a full time two week training, contact classes take 3-4 hours a day plus 1-2 hours of independent work. The rest of the time students are not engaged. Usually classes start at 10 o’clock and continue up to lunch time. Evenings are free.  

 14. Will the students have practical acupuncture classes in the course of training (it’s common knowledge many courses on acupuncture are based only on theory).

    In contrast to many schools of acupuncture we offer a serious practical experience: we teach to place needles on the head, scalp, face, auricle, neck, limbs, chest, spine and stomach.

                     15. Are there holidays in the course of raining?

   Yes, there are. If students study full two weeks, they are having rest on Sundays. On that day a student can have tours of the city or travel to other places of Uzbekistan, or go for shopping souvenirs etc.

   In case student’s time is limited e.g. s/he comes only for 10 days, there will be no holidays, instead, s/he will have an intensified mode of studies – 5-6 hours a day.

                    16. What is recommended to be taken from home?

     A net book or a notebook will be a good asset. We’ll immediately supply the student with needed teaching video films and digitalized study materials.

    There are enough Internet cafes in Tashkent which offer free internet access which will allow students to be in contact with their friends and relatives. There are also Wi-Fi cafes where a note book can be rented. Many hotels include Wi-Fi service into the cost of accommodation.

    If you don’t have a notebook, a smart phone or a small DVD player will do. If you take a camera or a camcorder from home you’ll be able to have many interesting pictures or videos on your trips and places of interest you can visit in our country.

                                        17. How safe is the situation in Uzbekistan?

    Situation in Tashkent is absolutely safe. Central areas of the city of Tashkent are well illuminated. Taxi service is offered 24 hours a day. More than 70% of population of Tashkent and Samarkand speak Russian. There are quite a lot of people who speak English. Local people are friendly to foreign visitors of the country.

    In conclusion we’d like to mention that we sincerely trust into fate (karma etc.) and also into the spiritual rules. We are sure nothing happens by chance. Those who are destined to take our training course – they will. Those who are not fated – they won’t. No advertisement, no profitable conditions can help.  



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