Professional Distance Learning

       SE “TIBET” offers high quality acupuncture distance learning. In contrast to other schools of distance learning based on long terms of study (2-3 years), we offer realistic distance learning to cover the course within 3-4 weeks in accordance with the potential of the trainee.            

      To achieve this result we apply the same methods   and know-how which helped us to optimize our fulltime internal courses. Successful study is enhanced by a number of video materials on various aspects of the courses as well as books and study guides available in hard and digitalized version.

    There are different advantages to take the acupuncture distance learning due to the fact that it’s twice cheaper than fulltime internal studies, you don’t need to interrupt or leave your job, it’s also convenient for those who can’t leave their home place due to various reasons and are unable to come to the training site.

     Acupuncture distance learning with the package of educational materials both in hard and digitalized versions, certification of DVD-disk by the Department of expertise under the Ministry of Culture, shipping charges and further Internet training will amount to $ 750.

    After the training fee and educational materials are paid for, we prepare needed materials for shipment. Below we attach the list of materials contained in the package.


         1. DVD-disk (4,7 GB).  The disc includes educational materials on acupuncture in English, a basic course on acupuncture which is used for the training as well as educational videos on all principle themes of the study course including Chinese educational films and other appropriate materials.    

           2.  Educational course in book version.

           3.  A pack of brand new needles - 20 pcs., to be used for practice.

           4.  Pocket atlases of acupuncture.

           5. A diploma in two versions: in a form of a booklet – in Russian and English and in a big format (A - 4 size) in English.




     When an agreement on distance learning is reached, the trainees make payment via Western Union, Money Gram etc., on the SE “TIBET” teacher Nadjimovŕ  Tatyana Vladimirovna, address which is adduced below:

    Nadjimova Tatyana Vladimirovna, passport: AA 1591613, vidan 24.05.2013 Mirzo-Ulugbek ROVD   g. Tashkent

     The form of the money transfer must be carefully filled in Latin alphabet as shown above.

     When the bank has accepted the money, it should supply the money sender with the check number. This number must be send to

     In order to receive the package the money sender has to send to the mentioned e-mail address  his detailed postal address mentioning the ZIP code and contact phone number (when the package arrives into the post office they will deliver it to the door of the addressee.

      A full name in Latin must also be written down for the correct reflection of it in the diploma. 

     Usually, warranted delivery package takes from 10 to 14 days to be delivered to the doors of the addressee.

     When the package is received, the actual distance learning of acupuncture via Internet based on consultative support for the student by means of e-mail starts to take place.

     Thanks to videos, the distance learning course on acupuncture is accompanied by the obligatory practical lessons, easily mastered even distance learning

     All our distant learning students  who studied acupuncture,  successfully acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills on acupuncture and were able to apply it in their practice.

     If you are interested in this offer, you can get in touch with us here.




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