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        SE “TIBET” invites you to take part in a short term (two week) professional training on acupuncture (Chzhen Tzju therapy). The training is designed not only for the people having medical education, all who wish to participate are welcome.

      SE “TIBET” specializes precisely  in developing and conducting short term professional training sessions for more than 25 years. 


                                  Advantages of our  training sessions:


           1. We guarantee theoretical and practical short term acupuncture training. Don’t waste your time and money at amateurish courses of training, in whatever country they are offered. It is not a mere assertion. The fact is, to understand and efficiently use acupuncture, one should clearly realize what is the platform it sits on. Participating in our training you will find true understanding of philosophical rudiments of acupuncture on which the efficiency of acupuncture depend on. You will learn what does, in actual fact, the monad In-Yang mean, what does the U-sin (five motions) law imply etc.  


           2. We provide our students with the best visual aids in hard copy and digital version. The aids are put together in a way to facilitate and advance the training to make it most efficient. We offer the best atlases on all directions of acupuncture – they represent the Main, Magic, tendomuscular, divergent and Lo meridians. We have also created a veterinary atlas on acupuncture.

      There are also colourful atlases on out of meridians and new points of acupuncture. Pocket size and wall atlases on Su-Jok  acupuncture as well as atlases on microacupuncture zones are available too. Pocket size atlases on methodical basis of acupuncture and others are also included into the list of our materials (see the samples in – our product).

       You can also visit  You Tube to see some of our teaching videos (in Russian) on our channel by  typing in the You Tube browser - Oybek Nadjimov - https://www.youtube.com/user/aiknadj and english - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2PXox3CfwA,



       3. We provide our students with inexpensive diagnostic and therapeutic ELECTRICLIGHTPUNCTURE appliances for acupuncturists, neuropathologists, ophthalmologists (see – our product).


            4. We provide our students with full scale practice on our acupuncture course, i.e. we train them to put needles  everywhere: on the head, face, neck, trunk, and limbs. 

      After graduating our courses the students are able to confidently apply their well earned practical skills on putting the needles into any part of patient’s body. 

     This is a very important piece of information for everybody who wants to study acupuncture. As far as we know, many acupuncture teaching centers in different countries, including China (we were told about that  by our students who before signing up to our courses had a chance to study in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev and other cities as well as in Chinese clinics of Beijing, Shanghai and other cities) do not enjoy this opportunity. In the centers we have mentioned students are only allowed to videotape the procedures, take pictures and notes in the course of treatment next to the patient’s bed.

     After training courses of this sort a lot of students are not able to  independently  treat their patients at a required level. Due to this reason these students frequently leave this walk of life, although they’d love to learn how to treat people by acupuncture.

    In contrast to other schools of acupuncture we can offer our students all levels and sectors of acupuncture (for the time being only in Russian), i.e. according to our classification system of evaluation  of the level of a specialist on acupuncture you will be able to gage not only your personal level of knowledge and skills but also to critically assess proposals of different schools of acupuncture. We have trainers of First and Highest category only.


            5. We consider that the most important difference of our training courses in contrast to other centers of  training lies in the fact that our center has developed an efficient approach to the professional training within shortest period of time thanks to the following know how:


           -  the way of definition of how deep the needle must go         while treating any type of a patient. It excludes doubts and         difficulties connected with definition of the depth of the            needle penetration.


   - logical method of  indications digestion leading to the needed points of acupuncture (PA) which helps to avoid routine rote-learning of the great number of indications of PA  (Yet me remind you there are more than three hundred of PA only on one side of the body, and each of the PA may have several totally different indications) – it saves scores of years of practice  in the field of acupuncture;


              -  the way of translation of symptoms and complaints of a        patient into the language of “energies” (wind, heat, humidity,         dryness, cold) that allows to put together prescriptions of points          in accordance with the canons of the ancient Chinese medicine;


-         the way of  putting together individual prescriptions of points: in various books on acupuncture, including the Chinese ones, there is no section on making  individual prescription of points. Our specialists are people who do not adhere to the fashion of ready made standard prescriptions of treatment, we teach on the basis of the methods that have been developed by ourselves, while putting together an individual prescription of points for a patient  we lean on etiopathogenesis  and symptomatology. This gives us an opportunity to avoid dependence on bookish prescriptions, rather compile them by ourselves;    


           -   to do this we have put all that is needed for these  purposes

               into the teaching materials we offer to our students;


-        special anatomical schemes of PA worked out by us to supply our students with these materials. They differ from other schemes due to the fact that one can define the location of PA without their anatomical description. This also helps students to be independent from the textbooks and helps to memorize the location of many points within short period of time. Due to the result of this approach to the training our students are guaranteed to be able to independently put together individual prescriptions for their patients regardless of standard bookish prescriptions and can effectively start practicing acupuncture right after the completion of our course of training.


            6. Short terms for good quality theoretical and practical acupuncture training (lesson plan) - we are not aware of any other centers of acupuncture that are able to teach this subject within two weeks on the turnkey basis.


           7. We enroll our students from ground zero, i.e. there is no need to have even rudimentary knowledge of acupuncture, they don’t need to have any educational materials on acupuncture, i.e. we train our students “on a turnkey basis” providing them with all needed  educational supplies in hard copy and digital format as well as offering them a suite of tools and different appliances.


            8. In contrast to many other educational centers we, as a rule, meet our students at  the railway station or the airport   24 hours a day, accommodate them at the hotel of their choice (we recommend hotels on the basis of most acceptable price to quality ratio).

We also arrange tours of the city for our students, consult them on all questions they have in the course of their stay for training and render all out support when needed, i.e. the students are always taken care of by our company.


           9. Our company enrolls students all the year round on a separate agreement  at any time convenient for the students.


          10. Training sessions on acupuncture are given to small groups of students (not more than 5-6 students in a group) or on individual basis, which yields better results for the quality of training. We always pay attention to the needs of  every student and certainly, especially as regards practical issues, work with them on individual basis.  


          11. Our training on acupuncture is conducted in comfortable conditions, in the setting close to the relation between a guru and a disciple, i.e. we create an atmosphere of home which helps to increase  close contact and trust between a teacher and a student.


         12. Training courses of acupuncture are offered in English, Russian and Uzbek languages.


          13. Our prices are reasonable and we offer exemptions for the students:

        The cost of study is $1200. It includes not only training sessions per se but also all needed teaching aids and appliances  and tools as well as a bonus: - tours of Tashkent and mountain resorts of Uzbekistan at a cut price;

-   any student can go through diagnostic examination and  a

   10 day course of  acupuncture treatment on his/her wish.


         14. On the accomplishment of the course of training students get a well designed diploma (see the end of section – our production), which is recognized in many countries of the world if this person has  higher education in medicine.


         15. Distance learning of acupuncture: if you don’t have time or enough resources for the  full time training course, you can always take distance learning training course on acupuncture which costs much cheaper than the full time studies. It also guarantees good quality independent study (see section – DISTANCE LEARNING).


     You wouldn’t be able to find a better offer on (Chzhen-tzju therapy) acupuncture training in terms of price-quality ratio in such a short time, in different forms with fully fledged supply with all needed materials and suite of tools.

 Additional information on enrollment for the courses on acupuncture can be obtained in section  QUESTIONS ON TRAINING COURSES   


    If you are interested in the given offer, you can send a message to: tanya_n81@mail.ru ,  or call:   +998 90 919-86-59   –  Tatyana Nadjimova -  the trainer on the SE “TIBET” course of acupuncture.




    Professional basic course of Acupuncture (Chzhen-tzju therapy) / Distance learning of acupuncture

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